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About Billy

Six year old Billy Clark can hardly believe his father, Tom, has agreed to take him hunting. Jake the woodsman leads them into the mysterious world of dark forests and dangerous animals but it's his influence over Billy's future attitude to life that is fixed forever.

The adventure over, Hitler then launches his Luftwaffe on Billy's hometown and it's then that Jake's influence is put to the test. This is the first in the trilogy.

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More About Billy

The day after Chalky receives his calling-up papers for National Service, another set drops through Billy’s letterbox and the two eighteen-year olds begin real-life experiences – courtesy of the army.Thrust into the arena of barrack-room bullying, they endure abject misery, exhaustion and confusion, to emerge a little wiser.

It’s the early 1950s. Communist forces are ravaging whole swathes of Malaya. Their boyhood memories soon fade. Pleasures are non-existent as Billy and his men learn to cope with the steaming jungle, searching for an elusive, secretive and utterly brutal enemy. They meet people of many races, some friendly and hospitable, others hostile and murderous. Such a mix proves to be far more than a mere spice to be added to a soldier’s daily diet.

Heng, the leader of the notorious 9 Platoon, leaves a chilling prophecy hanging from a tree – one that Billy cannot ignore.The battle of wills and skills weaves in many directions – but who will be victorious?

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The Politics Of Billy

Back home! Billy and Chalky end their military service in the jungles of Malaya and return to civilian life. Billy finds that local politics are even more of a jungle when he uncovers sleaze and corruption on a grand scale.

Shelving his long held ambition to be an ornithologist, he takes on the Establishment but has he bitten off more than he can chew?

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Just Justice

The judge had instructed the jury as to the verdict its members must return. Each was dismayed but had no choice. Jon Keating, a man of means and morals, was so incensed, that he vowed to find a way, where, within his power, justice could be meted out - where the law would not.

He convinced five like-minded friends, that something had to be done to restore at least some measure of fairness and integrity into British society. Thus was born the JJ Club. They embarked upon a crusade – one, which pitted them against criminals extremely well versed in plying their nefarious activities.

From the start, the JJs encountered street gangs, drunken drivers who had caused death, rapists, money launderers, people traffickers, pimps, prostitutes, drug barons and killers. It became a ‘David and Goliath’ contest – amateurs against vicious professionals, but it was one that all six men were determined to compete in.

No outcome could be guaranteed – no member was safe – no law could protect them

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In The Name Of Allah

The Taliban maintain that it operates 'In the name of Allah' This hard-hitting novel pulls no punches as it challenges that stance.

Sergeant Jack Kirkham is the central character and pits his will against that brutal and morally corrupt enemy. The reader must decide who has 'right' on his side.

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