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A Little About The Author

After a career in marketing and pilot training, Brian W Fisher retired (at least that’s what he thought at the time). Boredom began to set in - an endless round of gardening, oil painting, DIY and becoming a nuisance to his wife, did not seem to be working, so he took up writing at the young age of 73.

How to begin and what exactly to write about was his biggest concern – certainly much bigger than his ego. These were hurdles he’d not had to face before. He couldn't type - knew almost nothing about the intricacies of computers - and having read about the decade long struggle by JK Rowling to have her first Harry Potter novel published, certainly did’t fill him with confidence.

The how took a leaf out of Chairman Mao’s little red book - he took the first step on the long road - not to Beijing but to a keyboard and months of headaches and tired fingers. If the how seemed impossible at times - the what was even more difficult to conjure with.

However, the first novel 'About Billy' was inspired by memories; some wonderful; others not so - and the pages grew in number daily.

The second, 'More About Billy' followed soon afterwards and those memories expanded and surrounded the central character and his fellow National Service soldiers, as they pitched themselves against the brutal enemy force attempting to overthrow the British in 1950s Malaya.

The final novel in the trilogy, 'The Politics of Billy' attempts to harness morals and honourable behaviour - the seeds of which, began their embryonic fight for supremacy, in the first two books. It is up to the reader to decide whether or not they succeeded.

His next book, 'Just Justice' (a dive into today’s murky world of crime) dips a tentative toe into a completely new subject for him. Incensed by the seemingly endless reports of criminals being allowed to continue their nefarious activities without justice being meted, was the trigger.

Then came, 'In the name of Allah'. It strikes its way into the traumas faced every day by British soldiers serving in Afghanistan  - how their minds and bodies (particularly those of Sergeant Jack Kirkham) are changed forever by the brutal and cowardly Taliban, men of which, cover their faces, lay mines indiscriminately under the cover of darkness and then run away. Men who are afraid to face their stated enemy and fight. Jack Kirkham vows to make his own special kind of impact against the powerful and fanatical, Rafiq and his band of murdering fanatics.

'In the name of Allah' is now available on general release.

Although many persons close to the author have voiced their worries that he could well become the subject of a fatwa by Muslim extremists, he, with full knowledge and certainly touched by their concern, has however, remained obstinate - opining that what he has written will be accepted by all reasonable and democratic people the world over. Should the slavish, brainwashed followers of some twisted Muslim philosophy attempt to assasinate him, then so be it. He challenges them to try! 

His latest novel,'GENIU$', sees Jack Kirkham back in Afghanistan, but as a civilian. He and a youth - one with a brilliant mind and an even more brilliant invention, attempt to 'infiltrate' the poppy fields in a unique way, one which, if successful will change the world for ever. MI6 and the C.I.A. become embroiled in a tangle of misinformation, rumour and tactics, yet have little evidence on which to act positively. The head of one is curious - the head of the other is desperate. International drug barons are alerted, skilled assassins are recruited and the hunt is on.

'GENIUS' is now available on general release.

In between writing novels, he loves to travel - especially to the Orient and the Indian Ocean regions. Travel & Learn is one of his favourite mottos - doing so allows him to produce accurate accounts of his experiences. Some of these are in the form of Travelogues, which can be viewed by 'clicking' the link on his home page but many more can be read on the Internet website 'Travelmag, The Independent Spirit' and others of similar genre.

Feedback is alway welcome, so please feel free to do so.


Prompted by the current situation British troops are having to cope with, he has made a 6 minute video film entitled, 'Why', about the subject, which can be viewed by 'clicking' the picture-link on the home page.


Previews and reviews of his work can be read by visiting or by typing Brian W Fisher into Google.

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