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Anyone reading the words, 'Mind's Eye' is entitled to ask - Whose mind? Whose eye?
Two perfectly natural questions I accept  but for this author - impossible to answer.
Everyone's mind is unique - all six and a half billion of them on this planet of ours.

No two pair of eyes see an image in the same way. Even when the lids of those eyes are tightly closed, the owner's individual mind 'sees' what it wants to see. Of course, eyes belonging to readers of books can distinguish one word from another – else all would be gibberish would it not? Or would it? True, those eyes do differentiate - but it's their controlling mind, which put words into an understandable sequence and invokes either pleasurable experiences and sensations, or, the opposite.

An author's responsibility, (assuming one wishes to be read and understood) is to use words that the eye sees and the mind translates. Coupled so, readers can be transported into another world – a world where their own imagination can be more powerful than the most illustrious media mogul's attempt to brainwash by use of a television commercial. A well written book can create excitement – fear – sorrow – pain – love – sensuality – hate – anger – inquisitiveness – thirst – determination – resignation – joy and any other experience that the human mind can conjure.
Whether I have managed to stir any of those emotions in my readers, is for them to admit and nobody else.

What I fervently hope, is that none – when only half read – have been consigned to the bottom shelf, or a landfill site.

Prompted by the current situation British troops are having to cope with in Afghanistan, he has made a 6 minute video film entitled, 'Why', about the subject, which can be viewed by 'clicking' the picture-link below. 




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